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Riviera del Brenta


At 8 km, but easily reached by bicycle.

The Brenta Riviera

From the sixteenth to the eighteenth century, between the cities of Venice and Padua there was a trade route passable only by river: today this road is known as the Brenta Riviera.

Dotted with patrician villas, the road that runs along the river today is a succession of beautiful architecture. Those who were holiday residences for noble Venetian , now are partly become private residences and some are open to the public.
A typical way to discover these beauties is the mini-cruise to Burchiello - this boat name that, from March to September, will welcome you on board and drop you off from Padua to Venice and come back. The detail of boat name comes from that boat, driven by the bank at the hands of men or beasts, it housed the nobles of the past centuries and made them back from Venice towards Padua.
Browsing through the countries of the Riviera - Stra, Fiesso d'Artico, Dolo, Mira, Oriago, Malcontenta - you can experience a relaxing day, pleasantly interrupted for best seafood specialties that are one of the cornerstones of the local cuisine.

The Riviera del Brenta, in this case the countries of Stra, Fiesso d'Artico and Fossò, are known throughout Europe for the high quality of the footwear production that will arise; typical area of ​​the shoe, these countries are home of the productive districts of famous international brands.

A few minutes drive from the hotel you can admire the majestic and beautiful seventeenth and eighteenth-century villas that line around the Brenta Canal you are in the renowned: the Brenta Riviera.

Here you can visit mansions once inhabited by Venetian aristocrats who spent their summers on holiday right here in the hinterland. Villa Pisani National villa where the most important historic meetings have taken place and where he stayed for one night even Napoleon; not to mention Villa Foscarini Rossi with permanent museum of the shoe as the Riviera del Brenta is an important area for the production of high quality footwear. They are easily found shoe outlets (Ballin, Rossi Moda). Moving towards the east is now the headquarters of the APT Villa Widmann and important events in the area with the Barchessa Valmarana and Malcontenta famous for his paintings of Palladio.
Here during the summer while riding a bicycle you can take trips where fun and learning is assured!