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VENICE: You can reach the unique city of Venice in just 15 minutes by car. It is not just a city but a museum in open air. Let you be seduced by the beauty of the Rialto Bridge or the hugeness of Piazza San Marco and its lovely cafés like Florian or Quadri. Imagine how it was living here in the past while admiring the architecture of old buildings along the Grand Canal.

Dive into the lagoon and discover a new living rhythm. You can enjoy it on board of a vaporetto or, if you prefer, in a gondola.

Venice is rich in see sights like the Arsenal, where the Repubblica Serenissima built its boats and galleys, the Museo Nalave, the Gallerie dell’Accademia and many more.

Moreover, Venice is famous for its Carnival, one of the most famous and sumptuous in the world. It goes without saying that you must come once in your life!